Fight – Collect – Upgrade

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Biogenesis is a strategic turn-based game where two players are pitted against each other in a science-fueled showdown.You must select a team of creatures to aid you, and hone their abilities through genetic modification.

Your team is selected from five classes of creatures. Reptiles, mammals, arthropods, avians, and fish. Each class has their own distinct advantage on a playing field riddled with obstacles such as mountain ranges, deserts, and rivers. You must pick your team wisely to balance raw power and your ability to traverse the board.

DNA snippets scattered across the playing field can be used to make your creatures stronger. The DNA is scarce, but there are a multitude of ways to use it. You can modify your creature’s head, legs or tail to increase their stats or add abilities. But if you try to stack too much foreign DNA, you risk your creature devolving into a hostile mutant.

Battle enemies, collect DNA, upgrade creatures – and most importantly, win!


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