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Global Game Jam, Biogenesis, and internet pages, oh my!

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Hello everyone!

I am Jake Rushing, one of the Game AI programmers of Biogenesis. I also take responsibility for being the admin of this blog and the Facebook page for Biogenesis. The past two weeks has been pretty busy up to this point so far.

First off, last week I have to get all of the class readings done early. Why? Basically because I needed to set aside this past weekend for Global Game Jam. Me and Shea Mentges teamed up with a couple of other people to make a game that combines Heart Transplant Surgery with a Pachinko machine.Even though I spent the entire weekend coding and eating Goldfish and Donuts, I loved every second that I spent on making that game from start to finish. If you are curious to check it out, here is the link to the game. Keep in mind its still in play testing stage! Hopefully we can keep working on this and finish this in the future!

So this week is the final week of Sprint 1. Brandon Tate and I are working together to pick off one of the final tasks left to do. Thankfully, at the time of this post, we have gotten a lot of it done even though we hit an obstacle in the task that left us stumped for a while. We shouldn’t take much more time on completing this task. I have to work on expanding this game out to the internet a little more by completing this blog and making a Facebook page and creating a profile for Indie DB so I can include Biogenesis in the webpage. Even though they may not take long, I know that I have a lot on my plate along with doing more readings for other classes!

On the other note, who’s looking forward to the Super Bowl? This guy is!! Go 49ers!!


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