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AI fixing and Final presentation

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Twas the week before final presentation,

When all through the UCSC game lab

I am working hard on debugging the AI

so that the AI wouldn’t bug out or crash on the demo portion of the final presentation next monday.

So I finished implementing my parts for the AI that controls the enemy creatures (or at least for now). Now all there is left to do for the final presentation is to debug the AI so it can be as bug free as possible and have the AI functional so it wont crash when my team presents the game in the demo portion of the final presentation next monday.

What is the final presentation you may ask? Well since Biogenesis is a school project, we have to present the project somehow, and since this our senior capstone project, well we have to show it off to our peers, faculty, staff, and possibly other people outside UC Santa Cruz. Since this winter quarter is the second quarter of the senior capstone sequence, we just have to present on the progress that we have made since the end of fall quarter along with the live demo of Biogenesis. When we have a live demo, well I’m sure that you can figure out that we can’t afford to show them serious bugs that screw up the game or crash the game.

So for this week, I have to help out in whatever I can and make sure that the AI runs in the game, because after all, AI is important in our game as it controls the enemy creatures!


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