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Sprint 1 Wrap-up

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The first two weeks of our last stretch of development have flown by, and some new features are well on their way.

Perhaps most impressively, we’ve decided to add networking to Biogenesis. We felt that much of the fun of the game’s prototype came from playing against another person. We didn’t want to lose that experience, so Shea has been hard at work implementing networking. In this case being a turn-based game is extremely advantageous, as we don’t have to transfer data as quickly or accurately as in a real-time game. We hope to have it wrapped up by the end of our second sprint. The AI has also undergone quite a bit of development, and the AI team can now employ specific strategies against the player team.

Our game is incomplete in a few major places. The visual, audio, and player interactions are all suffering from a lack of refinement. Luckily our new teacher, John Romero, has been able to impart some sage advice upon us. He has pushed us to improve the visual and audio aspects of our game. One of the things we’ve focused on is redoing the tile system. We had tried creating transition tiles to blend the areas between two different tile types, but we were still not satisfied with the result. Rene came up with a brilliant improvement: sinking the water tiles so they actually resemble a lake. 


The tile images themselves still need some tweaking, but look how nice that water is! It gives our game a little extra shine in an otherwise flat space.


Our creatures have also been undergoing some massive changes. On the left, the new design. On the right, the current sprite. The change came about due to some promotional art that made the creatures look a lot tougher – it was an instant hit!

new_reptile        Reptile - Crocurtle

Reptile – Crocurtle



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