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New release, new look!

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We recently hit a huge milestone: a finished beta release! Feature-complete, playable goodness. We still have lots of tweaks and improvements we’d like to do as we get feedback from our playtesters. One of the major things we’ve been focusing on improving are our creatures! There were a number of inconsistencies in style,  perspective, and proportion between the sprites that lead to many a strange combination. Without further ado, here are the results of our revisions!

Fish - Swark

Fish – Swark

The fish has lost some of his frills, but gained a mean streak.

Reptile - Crocturtle

Reptile – Crocturtle

Our reptile underwent the most revisions. Now significantly more beefy and a tad more spiky, we hope his redesign reflects his abilities in-game.

Mammal - Tiger Wox

Mammal – Tiger Wox

A little less fuzz, a lot more attitude. We wanted to make sure the mammal would not be regarded as “the cute one”.

Avian - Pecrow

Avian – Pecrow

Not much to say here. Our beloved bird had little to improve on.

Insect - Rhinopion

Insect – Rhinopion

Many players considered the insect the least interesting entry in our roster. We hope the updated look has solved that!


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