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The Team

We are Double Shot Games. Allow us to introduce ourselves!


Brittney Sager

Hey there! My name is Brittney Sager and I’m a born and raised San Diego girl! This is my 3rd year as an artist working with the UCSC game design department and it’s been a dream come true since my ultimate goal is to become a concept illustrator for games and movies.
When I’m not living out my dream of making art for video games, you can usually find me hiking, playing video games, coaching field hockey and pole vault, listening to pop punk rock bands, traveling the world with my family, or planning my next trip to Yosemite- my home away from home! And sometimes you can find me on my computer squealing over videos of sloths and cats and reading up on random shark facts! My other life’s dream is to own a wolf hybrid or Utonagan (look them up, they’re so pretty!) but my family dog Mia (she’s a cavachon – they’re small and fluffy and cute) is currently my only furry sibling.
Some of my all-time favorite games include Skyrim, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Bastion, Dragon Nest, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Tales of Symphonia, Phantasy Star Online episodes 1 and 2, Portal 2 and Fable 3.
I love games with well developed characters, fantastic costumes, good story lines and breath-taking environments. My dream is to be able to work on a game with all of these qualities!!
I work as an artist on the biogenesis team and help design and make everything from the creatures to the environments. My main inspiration has come from both my biology knowledge and Zoo tycoon 2. It’s depiction of realistic biomes fits perfectly into our biodome concept! I love working on art and coming up with ideas which contribute to making Biogenesis the best it can be! I’m so excited to work with this awesome team!
You can find some of my art on the web at

Cassidy Fink


Hi! I’m Cassidy Fink and I’m from Petaluma, CA. Most of my free time is dediated towards playing games and relaxing at home. My all time favorite game is the original Deus Ex. At the moment, I’m playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 and Dungeon Defenders, though I don’t tend to play any one game for more than 4-5 months at a time. I have several roles in Biogenesis; I am in charge of level design and playtesting, and am one of the game designers as well. What I find most interesting about this whole experience is how I find inspiration from other games that I would have never expected, or that normally I wouldn’t have even thought were related.

Corey Perrigo


My name is Corey Perrigo, hailing from Temecula, CA, and a game developer working on the game Biogenesis.  My hobbies include listening to and composing music, playing tabletop games among a respectable group of friends, tinkering with computers and electronics and of course making and playing video games.  Some of my favorite games include real-time strategy games, such as Starcraft, Age of Mythology, and Revenge of the Titans, turn-based strategy such as Magic: the Gathering, Civilization 4/5, Disgaea series, Advance Wars, and other games like Cave Story, Doom, and Bastion.  My role in Biogenesis is that of programming the core game structures and performing testing and balancing of the main gameplay mechanics.  For me, envisioning the underlying structures of a tile-oriented turn-based strategy game pains a picture in my head of an infinite grid stretching out into space, and the ability to give it whatever qualities or behaviors I want intrigues me a lot.  Even for something as dull as a grid, starting from the ground and building it up with whatever I need, adding to its abilities, acts as a lot of inspiration.  This same mentality goes for a lot of other basic systems as well.

Danielle Croom

Hello, my name is Danielle Croom, and I’m one of three artists working on Biogenesis by Doubleshot Games. I was born and raised in Stockton, California, growing up with a passion for drawing, playing video games, and writing stories. Over the years, my taste in video games has changed, but I find myself interested in more story driven games such as Journey, Gravity Rush, the Fatal Frame series, and the Shin Megami Tensei series. I’ve been wanting to help design games for a while, but programming wasn’t necessarily my thing. I was always interested in the art aspects. My contribution to Biogenesis would be the concept art and creature designs as well as their various mutations.

Jake Rushing

Hello! I am Jake Rushing coming from Vacaville, CA. I enjoy doing all sorts of activities, but my favorite hobbies include taking walks, watching movies, being social, and doing any sort of activity that involves a structure on water, like surfing, sailing, and paddle boarding. Even though I haven’t much of the water activities, but I would love to be more involved when I have more money. My favorite games include Donkey Kong Country 2, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Sonic Generations, and Pokemon series. I take part in developing Biogenesis as one of the Game AI programmers. I am also in charge of maintaining this blog and making sure that the blog has new content.  I also hope to make some work on the User Interface for this game when I am able to help out after doing Game AI and blog related tasks. I have enjoyed working on Game AI after taking a course that focuses on Game AI. I found out that I enjoy working on the programming aspects where it helps the player to have an enjoyable experience. I want to try and help out in the User Interface side of things for the same exact reason. I also had a job as a User Interface Designer for a facebook app which helped me discover my interest in making user interfaces. I took part as the admin of this blog because I was intrigued on the fact that companies use the internet as a mean of advertising their games. I wanted to see what it is like on doing this for Biogenesis. And plus I am curious to see how it works with showing our games and plus showing the “behind the scenes” dynamic with our blog.

If you want to see my porfolio, here is my link: 

Jason Knox


Hi, my name is Jason Knox and I am from San Jose, CA. Aside from video games, I enjoy watching anime and cartoons. I am a fan of football and playing hockey, although I am now several years removed from playing on a team. My favorite kinds of games are RPGs and adventure games, as such my favorite games include the Zelda series, Pokemon, and Persona. I also play a lot of Mario games as well. I will be handling general programming duties for Biogenesis, such as creature and battle logic. I am very familiar with turn-based strategy games like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, so I hope my knowledge of those kinds of games can influence the overall game feel.

Link to my portfolio –

Kimberly Shannon


Drawings grace the columns of my programming notes. Long before I was interested in computer science, I had an artistic itch. My love of science and my knack for the creative have come together in a passion for making games. I’m Kim, and I’m the creator of Biogenesis. I hail from a little corner of the Silicon Valley, in Los Altos, California. Biogenesis was inspired by my fascination in the biological sciences and my love for creatures and critters of all types. As a child I collected insects into terrariums and quietly crept along rivers in search of fish. I love games like Pokemon and Pikmin that remind me of that sense of discovery. I don’t tend to play games based on their genre or console. Rather, I enjoy games with an immersive, detailed world. Some of my other favorites are Okami, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Resident Evil 4. Aside from gaming, I enjoy bicycling, reading (just about anything!), and drawing. I can’t say I ever imagined myself leading such a large team rallied around the idea of making not just any games, but making my game! I’ll also be taking the role of Art Director. I hope this year will teach me what it takes to make such a large group collaborate successfully, and to bring my vision to life.

Rene Garcia


Hello. My name is Rene Garcia. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Newark to be more exact). My
favorite hobbies include playing games (as any game developer would), building puzzles, tinkering with
computer hardware, and spending time with my family.

My favorite game of all time has to be Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis. The Sega Genesis
was the first console I owned, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first game I played and beat on it; and
it’s because of that, that it’s my all time favorite game. My favorite type of games is the type in which
I can collect things. Thus, if a game has more to collect, it has more to intrigue me. Furthermore, if the
game’s main mechanics includes collecting things, then it’s even more intriguing. Currently, the game
that satisfies me in that sense is a game by Square Enix for the iPhone called Guardian Cross.

As for puzzles, I enjoy building puzzles that are very challenging. I especially enjoy those with very
similar colored pieces (they are more challenging) and with 2000+ pieces . My dream is to build a puzzle
available out there that has 24000 pieces!

My current role in Biogenesis is managing productivity and keeping track of everyone’s progress, but
ultimately my goal is to integrate features for the UI system, but more specifically on how the user
interacts with the UI system. Since there’s going to be multiple creatures for the player to keep track of,
there’s so much room for creativity in terms of how the UI system will provide a fun interaction between
the player and its creatures. Another element I’d like to bring into Biogenesis is the element I mentioned
previously that intrigues me in other games: collecting things. In Biogenesis, this is going to be available
by collecting many genes of different creatures. But I would like to further broaden this feature by
making the genes collected multi-use. In other words, I’d like the player to be given a wide variety of
choices on where and how they want to use the genes they collect, within not only the main game, but
also other aspects of the game, like to unlock other creatures.

Robert Segura


Hello! I’m Robert Segura and I’m Game AI designer and programmer for Biogenesis. I was born in Fresno, California and been hooked on game development since I was 8 years old. I find programming something that is both challenging but rewarding when you actually get something to work. Game AI is especially interesting because it a lot more abstract as in there is no one good way to represent an enemy for every game, and the challenge exists to find out what fits. Outside of programming and design I enjoy tabletop gaming, running, writing stories and just relaxing. My favorite Games include the Elder Scrolls series, mainly Morrowind and Pokemon, mainly Soul Silver and White 2.

Online Portfolio:

Shea Mentges


My name is Shea Mentges. I come from Redondo Beach, California. My favorite hobbies include making and playing all kinds of video games, learning, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and hiking. My favorite games as of writing this are Half-Life, Natural Selection 2, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, Bubble Bobble, the Power Stone series, Eve Online (although I haven’t played this in a long time I greatly appreciate it), Command and Conquer: Generals, Rome: Total War. My role in the creation of Biogenesis branches into many fields from coding to discussing design decisions to making game assets, but I primarily deal with writing code that pertains to graphics or UI. I was eager to take this position because I am comfortable dealing with computer graphics and I am eager to practice making compact, efficient UI layouts for software interaction. On a distant note, when the time comes for polishing I would really like to create music for this game because I can always seem to come up with something really good when I fiddle with FruityLoops for long enough.

My porfolio site:

Taryn Costello

My name is Taryn Costello and I am currently a senior art major at UC Santa Cruz. Before
moving to SC, I lived in Tracy, CA for the past18 years of my life. My favorite hobbies include printmaking,
painting, drawing, gaming, and exercising. A few of my most favorite games are Okami, Katamari
Damacy, God of War, and Shadow of the Colossus. I am a supporting artist for Biogenesis and am very
excited to create all kinds of strange and unique monsters for the game.

Alessandra Chen

*This developer is inactive*


Hi, I am Alessandra Chen from Santa Cruz, and my favorite hobbies are drawing, playing the piano and going to the arcade. Most of all I enjoy browsing the internet since through it you can learn the most interesting things; I built a fighting joystick and a Pop’n Music arcade style controller, to get a full experience of my favorite games. Other favorite titles include Metal Slug 3, Capcom vs SNK 2 and story oriented games such as Final Fantasy 6 and Monkey Island 2.

Biogenesis has inspired me as game where you can exercise your creativity through the combination process, aesthetically and strategically with the limited resources provided. Furthermore, I saw it enjoyable to work with a team that shared a common love for critters. My primary role as a general team developer is to implement play mechanics, such as game logic and player controls. My inspiration in this role is that it offered the flexibility to work with various components of the game.

Link to the profile here:


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