Fight – Collect – Upgrade

Other Senior Game Projects

1 Day by Isochronous Memory

Travel through the memories of an dying old man. Travel through time to the past, present, or future to solve puzzles!

Link to their Facebook page:

Asterogue by Real Human Games

Asterogue is a fast-paced action game that takes place in the future. You play as the last helper robot that sets out to save humanity from other helper robots that wish to erase all human kind.  This game features the dungeon crawling levels that are similar to Legend of Zelda series. Customize your robot with procedurally-generated abilities to wipe out your enemies and save humanity. Coming soon to a touchscreen device near you!

Link to their webpage:

Link to their Facebook page:

Link to their Twitter page:

Lens by Out of Focus Games

You are in possession of the Lens, a mysterious artifact that allows you to see into another world, similar to, but slightly different then your own. The Lens has the power to transfer objects between realities, allowing you to “pull” objects from the other world, and “push” objects into it. This interchanging mechanic along with the ability to see into the other world will help you solve environmental puzzles and learn more about the history of these two universes.

Link to their Facebook page:

Militarium by Somewhat Spherical Studios

Militarium, the merger of Chess, Go, and RTS, takes place in the future where two nations fight for control over of a very valuable resource called Militarium. Choose to side with Akado, a power hungry and ambitious empire, or Kaneyu, a benevolent empire. Outmaneuver and outsmart your opponent to take control of Militarium and change the future of your empire!

Link to their Facebook page:

Link to their Game website:

Pixture by Rainy Day Games

Pixture  is a touch based puzzle game where you help a foreign friend (Q-rio) with your knowledge of the world by questions with a mechanic of combining 2 items to create a new one(EX Basket + Ball = Basketball).

Link to their webpage:

Siegebreakers by Dwarven Space Program

Siegebreakers can be best described as a mash up of Metal Slug and Terraria. You and your friends play as the Siegebreakers, a group of dwarven mercenaries who hire out their services to castles under attack. Get ready to bash in some goblin skulls!

Link to their Facebook page:

Link to their Twitter page:

Link to their IndieDB page:

Tearable World by Crumbled Up Games

This Tearable puzzle platformer takes you through the mind of the starving artist! Where you have to go through the levels by either ripping a piece of paper, rearrange the piece, or fold a part of the level over. Its like handling a piece of paper! Coming to Android touch devices!

Link to their Facebook page:

We’re Screwed! by Blind Tiger Games

We’re Screwed is a 2-player platformer where you unscrew huge robots with a friend. Think Shadow of the Colossus set in Steampunk era with 2D Co-op game and you have We’re Screwed!

Link to their development blog:

Link to their Facebook page:


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