Fight – Collect – Upgrade

The Biodome

You are one of two siblings working in genetic testing lab at the Tiphares corporation. Your experiments run in tightly controlled biodomes, carefully shut off from the rest of the world. Nanites do most of the tough work, remodeling and recording creatures at the genetic level. In such a precise experiment, there is simply no room for human error.

One day you enter work to hear that a video drone is malfunctioning. You don’t feel like waiting for the maintenance team, so you enter the dome just long enough to grab it. The door shuts behind you, and a hiss fills the air. When you come to, you are more animal than human. The nanites had remodeled your genetic structure, exactly as programmed for a new subject. Your sister panics: even if it can be reversed, your genetic profile isn’t in the database! Reprogramming the nanites would only serve to immediately inform your boss. You must fight your way around the biodome, from forest to tiaga to desert and beyond in hopes of finding the pieces your humanity. And most importantly, do it before anyone discovers what is wrong and purges the experiment – yourself included!



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